In de keuken van Floris


A unique restaurant for people who like to be surprised and are easy eaters. In de keuken van Floris doesn't have a menu list or wine list and is no restaurant for fast, big or diffucult eaters. You can enjoy sophisticated and exiting dishes the entire evening in a lose and dynamic atmosphere accompanied by daring drinks from around the world.

After arriving at a set time, the aperitive and appetizer, every course will be served with a 25 minute interval, accompanied with wines or juices and is personally explained by chef and sommelier. The preparation of every course is easily seen in the center of the kitchen.

Patron-Cuisinier Floris Versluijs and his team have assembled 9 exiting courses with the choice between juices or champagne arrangements. Vegetarians are more than welcome to visit if told in advance.

Don't eat meat? We automatically change your dish to the vegetarian version. We try to focus on tasting, the more senses you use, the more intens the experience.

"Texture is very important in my dishes, feeling with your mouth is a step beyond tasting normally. To cook, is more than art. Every dish leaving my kitchen contains eatmotion. Open your mind to experience this your way!"

In de keuken van Floris is an excellent choice for private lunches and dinners up to 46 persons. Make your wishes known and we'll create your perfect experience!

-10-  course menu:  
 Wednesday * € 75,- p.p.
Thursday € 79,- p.p.
Friday * € 84,- p.p.
Saturday * € 89,- p.p.
Vegetarian daily 
* € 79,- p.p.
     * Not on special events
Tasting-glas Champagne € 8,50
Glas Champagne € 14,-
-3- tasting Champagne aperitief € 15,95
-6- delig Champagne arr. incl. -3- delig Champagne aperitief € 66,-
-6- delig BOB Champagne arr. incl. -3- delig Champagne aperitief € 44,50
-2- tasting wines for with our cheese selction € 6,50
Ratafia € 7,50
Dessert Champagne € 8,50
Staatl Fachingen water flat/sparkling € 4,50  
Coffee or tea with seasonal tart € 4,95
Alcohol free:
Alcohol free aperitief € 5,-
-6-  Alcohol free paring € 30,-
Alcohol free pairing cheese selction € 5,-
Alcohol free pairing dessert € 5,-
Payment afterwards is only applicable with exclusive bookings.