In de keuken van Floris


My style of cooking is creative, innovative and full of signature.

In my kitchen we focus on tasting, taste experience in every way. To cook is emotion or as I always say "Eatmotion". My style has identity, is creative, technical, pure, concentrated and transparant. I love to cook with my heart. Honest, clean while respecting nature. I use all my senses and am passionately undergoing my own cooking (r)evolution. At the foundation of my creations is a product. Knowledge of a product is essential; quality, origin, feeding, ripeness, texture, taste and possibilities for preparation make a perfect soil for inspiration. Texture is very important, feeling with your mouth is more than tasting alone. Umami "the fifth basic taste" is often under appreciated.

This umami is often represented in my kitchen in fermentation for complexity and richness. Exitement, but also humour influences the dish. The dishes are plates losely and naturally, however, perfected to the smallest details.

If you are prepared to open your mind to flavour, tasting will surpass art. There aren't many things adressing more senses than to mindfully taste and is experienced differently and uniquely by everyone. Everyone is equal here. To eat is to come together and disarms us.